Musings & Mayhem

April 20, 2013

The California Science Center

Another Opportunity to Nerd Out...

No Nerd girl is complete if she goes to the USC campus (even if it IS for a book festival)...  Without running across the street to pay homage to the California Science Center - new home to one of my favorite vehicles on the planet - the Space Shuttle Endeavor.

I was there when they delivered her to Los Angeles International Airport, and then again as they began to truck her slowly through local Los Angeles neighborhoods to finally reach her new warehouse accommodations.  So it was nice to see her snugly tucked inside and enjoying a huge crowd of appreciators.

I slipped away from the festival to say hello to the old girl, just for a little while.  I will of course make my way back to the Science Center again to spend more time with her and with the rest of the exhibits as well.  I make it a point of going as often as I can.  After all, who doesn't love dinasours, rooms full of rocks, gems, lattice-works of crystals and mineral specimens, butterfly pavillions, ancient Egyptian artifacts and the like?  Am I right???

I know I'm right.  Science is awesome!