Musings & Mayhem

Catherine Cruzan in Irwindale, CA

April 13, 2013

Fun at the Faire

I met author friend DeAnna Cameron and her family, and assorted mutual friends at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire today.  The weather was perfect.  My favorite dancer friends were on stage.  The music was great.  The jousting was rousing.  The wenches were bawdy.  The Pirate band was even bawdier.  The chocolate cherry port was decadent.  My scone with fresh strawberries and whipped cream was even more, well, you get the idea...

Though Nerdist may have crossed my mind as it sometimes does on such occasions... Yeah right, not really, so believe me when I say I didn't plan on running into Nerdist cast member, Matt Mira, at the Ren Faire of all places. 

In fact, that the was the LAST place I expected to have a fan-girl moment.  But I did.  In fact, I vaguely recall bouncing up and down in glee when he confirmed his identity.  (I had to approach him, people, come on). 

He may have even been a bit tentative as he greeted me with his huge Matt Mira smile and a hug after I told him I'd recently attended one of his podcasts with a stupid fan-girl grin on my borderline-stalkerish face.

After a brief yet nice nerdy chat with him, I trailed my friends up and down rows of YE-OLD shoppes still a tad bubbly, and floating on cloud 9.  =)

How else does one follow up such a moment, except perhaps with a ride on a camel?!!!