Chasing Brother Moon 

A savvy thief must trade an elf for an amulet stone of power if he hopes to change his fortune. 

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A young woman's quest to avenge her family and save the Elves.

Lariel lived a life of privilege as the daughter of King Tallen and heir to the Tallen throne, until the captain of the king's guard betrayed their family, murdered her father and claimed the throne for himself. 

On the run for her life, alone and afraid, she finds refuge with the elves and discovers in herself a heritage previously undiscovered.  She is Elfkind--not fully human--with all the gifts that come with it, unexpected magic to be harnessed, and skills to be learned.

Newly trained and tested, Lariel is determined to regain her throne and free her people. But will her hard-won talents be enough to defeat the darkness awaiting her?

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Praise for ELFKIND

"An intriguing fantasy adventure."
     ~Tim Powers, author of On Stranger Tides & Hide Me Among the Graves

"In ELFKIND, Catherine Cruzan crafts a vibrant new world filled with adventure and magic from an exciting feminine perspective. The deft storytelling, engaging characters and poignant prose combine to create an exceptional debut that not only satisfies, but leaves readers eager for the next installment in this epic fantasy series."
      ~DeAnna Cameron, author of The Belly Dancer & Dancing at the Chance

"ELFKIND is a fluid, well-paced tale by a bright new voice in the genre."
     ~Tony N. Todaro, author of the Lightriders Saga


Reader Feedback

"I really enjoyed it!  I'm kinda sad that I won't be visiting Ellyndar tonight.  I'm wondering if there might be another adventure, perhaps?"
   ~ T. Fair of Fort Collins, Colorado

     (Yes!  I am currently writing another story in the same world, CHASING
      BROTHER MOON.  Thank you so much for your feedback!)

"A great debut Fantasy!  I really enjoyed her take on elves. They are similar to elves in many other fantasy novels but her way of explaining how they connect the the world around them was unique in my experience. [It's] nice to see a new perspective. Can't wait to read Chasing Brother Moon!"
   ~ J. VonK of Huntington Beach, CA

"I love the world you have created.  I am enjoying the adventure so much.  Thank you.  I was looking for this book.  I knew it was out there."
   ~ S. M. of Southern California

"You have a new fan.  I really enjoyed your book.  It was great!  I can't wait for the next one.  Where is it?  Hurry up and write it!"  
   ~ T. B. of Culver City, CA

Book Dedication
For Denise Dumars, who believed in me and in this story, from the beginning.   
And for my Grandmother, Joyce Davis, who lived a long, rich life.  You will be missed.


     I would like to express my appreciation to all the people who had a hand in bringing this story to the page.   
     Thank you so much Angela N. Hunt and all the folks at Hunt Press.  With a special shout out to my editor extraordinaire, Laureen M. Hudson.  To Sarah Banning for the fantastic illustrations.  To Andrea Emmes for an amazing audible experience.  To Tim Powers, for his heartfelt guidance and sage advice.  DeAnna Cameron, for her steady supply of encouragement.  Ashley Grayson, for showing me a path to better writing.  And Professor David Lipton of Long Beach City College, for giving me an invaluable set of writing tools; e.g. my writing chops.  
     I would also like to thank my advance readers, writing support, and general all-around sanity crew: Chris Laudermilk, Kim Laudermilk, Tom Eivins, Ken Sterk, Bridget Cantu and Family, Deborah Wright, Sina Muckenfuss, Jeff Kaspar, Robbi Villalobos, The Roberts family — Rebecca, Andy and Shannon Roberts, the Long Beach City College creative writing students, Leslie Anne Moore, Tony N. Todaro, Ace Antonio Hall, Wayne and Vonni Castro, Erica Ruedez, Elissa Schilling, the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society, the O.C. Writers, my family — Carla, Steve and Brian Cruzan, my Grandpa Davis, and everyone else out there keeping me sane from day to day!

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